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The Courtesan

”An intelligent gentleman knows when a lady is happy, because her gentleman is kept very happy!”
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  The Courtesan

The common idea is that a Courtesan was just that little bit more educated, polite, compassionate, physically beautiful and talented in her ability to not only bring pleasure, but make a gentleman feel he is really with a girlfriend, but in this day and age, it is so much more...

A true “Courtesan” is someone who is more beautiful inside than she is outside, regardless of how beautiful she might be… She is often unaware of the extent of her outer beauty. She also chooses to be a pleasure provider and sexual healer, she is not someone who “has” to do things she does not enjoy. She derives unique pleasure from knowing she has made a positive difference in her gentleman's life. The donation received is simply the "cherry on top", she is not concerned with the money so much as the mutual joy and quality of pleasure that can be achieved.

She is someone who is extremely vigilant in her care of herself. She understands her body is the housing for her beautiful soul, and deserves the very best treatment. She strives to make her appearance match the beauty within, rather than the other way around...

She is careful to speak beautifully, both pronouncing well and addressing subjects tactfully, articulately expressing herself with a wide vocabulary, with little or no obscenities. She leaves obscenities for the occasional dirty talk in the bedroom. She carefully selects her clothing, preferring an understated, discreet, classic look, with sleek, smooth lines. She would never be called “tasteless” in her clothing, as she knows the difference between elegant & classy versus tasteless & trashy. Quality attire is graceful, fitted but not tight, in muted non-offensive shades. Patterns are kept simple and to a minimum, nothing loud or too many straps, which might draw public attention to her. A clear, immaculate, natural, wholesome image is her aim.

A Courtesan, ironically, is a rather moral woman, who sets her boundaries and cannot be “bought”! A Courtesan is a woman of integrity, intelligence and honesty. She is a woman of responsibility, and likes to do the “right thing” wherever possible. She is genuinely elite, a quality woman of high standards at all times. A woman like this has too much class to ever make anyone feel uncomfortable. She will be gracious and will be comfortable to converse politely with everyone from Diplomats & Celebrities to her local storeowner & personal maid. She would never do anything to embarrass or hurt another individual for selfish, proud or greedy reasons. She is in fact, usually more concerned for others' comforts than her own, whilst maintaining her own healthy, humble level of self-respect and esteem.

Since the true Courtesan is of higher quality overall and her genuine affections and company are in demand, your contribution, will of course, be higher, but it is a token - a joke - to simply extract the genuinely successful, deserving gentlemen from the crowds of men who want her. Generally, the gentlemen who have achieved such financial success are those who have the charm and sophistication to match her own, and the knowledge of women to properly appreciate and thoroughly enjoy all the different entertainments of his chosen Courtesan.

There is a special connection and a emotional touch that occurs between the Courtesan and her chosen gentleman, they enhance each others' lives, and when they are together it is almost like Romeo and Juliet re-connecting, high school young-at-hearts stealing away together to experience a heightened romance. It is not a “service” situation so much as an affectionate human bond that is formed between them. A Courtesan’s client is rarely looking for an hour or two to enjoy company, service and intimacy. He is searching for that connection, needing to be refilled and enhanced emotionally.

An intelligent gentleman knows when a lady is happy, because her gentleman is kept very happy! A gentleman may often find himself falling for her, but needs to remember that this is an illusion, the fantasy of perfection!

Courtesans are powerful women, and the generosity gentlemen contribute for company & emotional enhancement creates a highly charged sexual atmosphere. Let your inhibitions go and enjoy your Courtesan...



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